Welcome to PIDESO!

Pioneering Decisive Solutions, Inc., with registered trademark of PIDESO, is a woman-owned, veteran-owned small business with headquarters in California, Maryland and satellite offices and software development facilities in Herndon, Virginia, USA.

PIDESO provides research, development, design, integration, production and test of instruments, Automated Test Systems, system software products, Test Program Sets, and Test Kits - while playing a major role in research, development, and implementation of maintenance infrastructures crucial to national defense.

We are your "Rapid Action Team"

The company also provides engineering technical services for Systems Engineering, Logistics Support Analysis, Life Cycle Management framework refinement, and program management support to government and commercial acquisition managers and support providers, conducting required research, development, integration, test, production, deployment, modification and upgrade across the system life cycle.

Readiness Focused Innovation

Cost-Wise Support Oriented

PIDESO provides direct maintenance support with teams that work side by side with both military and depot maintainers.

Engineering technicians maintain DoD weapons in the field, hands-on, resulting in superior interface with end-users for product developments that meet the evolving challenges of test and repair facilities at all levels of maintenance.

Teaming partners, government agencies, and customers turn to PIDESO across weapons systems and supporting equipment life cycles for superior engineering and innovative technical support .


Development Efforts and End Products

SimulTest - providing capability under U.S.Army contract to perform coherent parallel test and diagnostics imaging using high input/output density test instruments and systems.

NGATS ATLAS Simulator - integration and modification of the PAWS-ATLAS runtime and integration with the Army’s IFTE NGATS module.

NetTest - a net-centric product designed under U. S. Air Force SBIR contract to provide integrated diagnostic capabilities for a variety of previously developed and emerging ATS. [more...]

Electro-Optics TPS/Test Kit - designed for Marine Corps VIPER/T test station using IR Windows.

Shop Replaceable Unit (SRU) Tester - a common board-level test system for commercial and military applications.

High Power Transmitter Power Supply Test Station - designed, developed, and deployed to test Radar Transmitter Power in the correct pulsed frequency.

Engineering and Life Cycle Support Efforts

  • Acquisition System Engineering
  • ATE Systems and Support Equipment modernization program Engineering and Technical Assessments
  • Weapons Systems upgrade/modification suitability and supportability analysis
  • Logistics Support Analysis and Maintenance Planning Support
  • Engineering Innovation Cell coordination and leadership
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) and Certified Engineering Technicians for stand-up of Artisan Field Support Centers
  • On-Site, Direct Maintenance Support