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Innovative Engineering ~ Groundbreaking Design
Bill Birurakis

Bill Birurakis


Engineering & Logistics

PIDESO provides research, development, design, integration, production and test of instruments, Automated Test Systems, system software products, Test Program Sets, and Test Kits.  Our customers recognize that we bring pertinent engineering and field logistics support experience to augment their initiatives with essential reach-back for research, development, design, deployment and implementation of systems and maintenance infrastructures crucial to national defense.

Cost-Wise Support Oriented

Our staff includes Systems and Support Engineering for product design and development as well as Field Engineers and system technicians for post deployment support. We’re “hands-on” resulting in superior interface with end-users for product developments that meet the evolving challenges of test and repair facilities at all levels of maintenance. Teaming partners, government agencies, and customers turn to PIDESO for superior engineering and innovative technical support across the weapons systems acquisition life cycle.

Providing Life-Cycle Support

  • Defense Acquisition Program System Engineering
  • ATE Systems & Support Equipment Modernization Engineering and Technical Assessments
  • Weapons Systems Upgrade & Modification Suitability and Supportability Analysis
  • Logistics Support Analysis & Maintenance Planning
  • Innovation Cell Coordination and Leadership
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) and Engineering Technicians Staffing On-Site Direct Maintenance Support at Fleet Readiness Centers

Readiness Focused Innovation

  • Directly engaged with product development engineering and logistics support agencies within the Defense Department providing Systems Engineering and Life Cycle Support Framework Refinement.
  • Directly associated with key weapons systems suppliers, test equipment suppliers, and systems support providers across the defense industry network.
  • Directly connected to war fighters for on-site evaluation, design and deployment of cost avoidance alternatives.