AWTSThe Automatic Wire Test Set (AWTS) is a family of testing equipment that provides scalable and modular electrical test capability.  It is a joint-service, common multi-function tester that can be configured for use at all levels of maintenance for fixed and rotary wing aircraft, unmanned systems, and ground vehicles. Maintainers can test many of the components on an aircraft or vehicle as well as interconnecting wires.

AWTS modules are designed to operate in field operational conditions, are scalable to support Intermediate and Depot-level requirements, and provide automatic test functions to detect wire faults, including determining distance to the faults, within wire bundles. AWTS consumes minimal logistics footprint for use in field operations or shipboard and significantly reduces maintenance time and associated costs for platform wiring troubleshooters.

awts_3As the sole contributor under task order to the Commander, Fleet Readiness Centers (COMFRC) Aviation Rapid Action Team (ARAT), PIDESO developed, built and integrated a Test Program Set comprised of a four-harness cable set and an AWTS software test routine to functionally test the USMC MV-22B Osprey Wiring Integration Assembly-56 (WIA-56). The WIA-56 is a fifteen-connector junction box containing five relays that distribute power and signals in the right engine nacelle of the V22. The WIA-56 had been a high suspect-fail item at the flight line and removals across the fleet had nearly depleted all available fleet stock.

Since delivery, the AWTS WIA-56 test capability has quickly proven to reduce diagnostics and repair turnaround with its enhanced diagnostics, fault isolation, rapid troubleshooting capability and has transitioned for use by USMC Avionic Technicians.  Suspect-fail items can be completely confirmed as failed or as “no-fault-found” to avoid scrapping of a good item and to aid in aircraft troubleshooting. The successful test capability delivered by PIDESO was a forerunner to additional planned developments for the AWTS in support of the C/MV-22.