PALADIN_FIREThe M109A7 is an upgraded version of the M109A6 Paladin that provides additional range and accuracy for new projectiles such as the rocket-boosted GPS-guided M982 Excalibur, or Alliant Tech Systems’ GPS-guided Precision Guidance Kit. Sophisticated weaponry, using advanced electronic sensor technology and enhanced firepower, is rapidly changing battlefield tactics and operational planning. Employment of the technology requires an increased emphasis on precision and technical innovation to maintain a competitive edge.

PIDESO provides software and technical support for the Wireless Acquisition Module (WAM) Diagnostics application for Symptom-Based Troubleshooting and has updated the WAM Analog Measure to match the precision of the new hardware. PIDESO also provides software updates to the Portable Data Capture Unit, Set Platform Integration Kit Power Shape, and all Graphical User Interface Devices for each component. Additionally, PIDESO supports diagnostic troubleshooting and fault isolation for Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) errors reported by Diagnostic and Systems Health (DASH) monitoring.