LW155_fireThe M777 replaced all Marine Corps cannon systems and is used as a direct support weapon. The Army uses the M777 as a general support weapon in the light forces and as a direct support weapon for the Light Cavalry Regiment, replacing all of its M198 155mm towed howitzers. The M777 howitzer meets increased expeditionary operational thresholds for survivability, deployability, and sustainability and also provides close and deep fire support and interdiction fires without sacrificing range, stability, or durability. Increased operational emphasis and reliance on mobility, performance and accuracy requires technical ingenuity and software innovation to operate and maintain this key front line Howitzer.

ANUSM657v4VIPERPIDESO develops and/or provides enhancements to TPSs on the Marine’s VIPERT & TETS in support of the M777 program. PIDESO will also be re-hosting M777 TPSs to the Army’s Next Generation Automated Test System (NGATS) to provide common support capabilities across the testers and support interoperability between services for supported LRU’s. Examples of LRU’s supported include the Improved Power Command & Control Module, the Hydraulic Power Control Unit and Electronic Thermal Warning Device LRUs, as well as enhancements to the existing Chief of Section Display.

ANTSM217_NGATSPIDESO also provides software support functions to include development of concepts and strategies to automate and simplify the software build process and to incorporate and integrate automated build processes.

For M777 training systems, PIDESO has completed development builds and conducted developmental testing and fielding support of M777/M777A2 Computer Based Trainer/Computer Aided Instruction (CBT/CAI) Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) modules.