PIDESO has established an internal Micro-Miniature (2M) Electronic Repair Program to ensure that our technicians perform to the highest IPC Soldering standard practices for soldering and acceptability for any repair, rework, or modification of electronic assemblies. PIDESO internal training and recertification curriculum is based upon the IPC industry standard and covers all aspects of Miniature and Micro-miniature component repair, standards for workmanship, guidelines for specific repairs, and identification of unique tools and techniques to ensure highest quality and high-reliability repairs.

HuntronJohn2PIDESO has also established an internal Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Program fully compliant with Military Standards and Industry Best Practices for Packaging, Handling, Storage, Transportation and Protection of ESD sensitive material, electronic equipment and tools. These include ANSI/ESD S20.20, MIL-HDBK-454A, MIL-STD-129P (3), and NAVAIR 01-1A-23 Standard Maintenance Practices for 2M WP 004 Rev 3. All items received at PIDESO for diagnostics and/or repair are inspected upon receipt for appropriate ESD packaging and ESD handling and protection carefully maintained throughout internal processing.

Prior to performing any 2M repairs, PIDESO technicians must first complete training and demonstrate proficiency to complete repair to IPC standards. During the training the technician is also trained to use associated equipment such as, use of appropriate ESD protection, binocular microscope, de-soldering tools, and state-of the-market solder station tools necessary for high-quality installation or removal of circuit board components. Upon satisfactory completion of the training course, a technician is certified to perform repairs at the level at which the technician has demonstrated proficiency.

SolderShannPIDESO routinely demonstrates the quality of its 2M capabilities in fabrication of products it produces, such as specialized electronic test equipment/testing jigs, electronic testing adapters, and for assembly of test program set hardware. PIDESO is also demonstrating 2M capabilities for repair of weapons replaceable assemblies (WRA) and shop replaceable subassemblies (SRAs) in direct, on-site (government facilities) or off-site (at PIDESO) support of Navy and Marine Corps aircraft maintenance and support activities. Direct support repairs have significantly contributed to Navy and Marine Corps cost-avoidance (including reductions in scrap costs) initiatives while also increasing maintenance activity effectiveness and aircraft platform readiness.